Leverage Your Physical Retail Space
To Create New Digital Experiences

Go “phygital” and create a seamless shopping experience across both online and offline channels. Leverage your retail stores to create a more dynamic and engaging shopping experience that seamlessly integrates the physical and digital worlds.



Discuss and lay out the possibilities.



Connect with the right support partner from our network to create in-store immersive experiences.


Stream & Improve

Use data and insights to grow your liveshopping channel.

About Our Solution

Why Go Phygital?

Leveraging your store for your live show can provide customers with a personalized and knowledgeable service, establish trust and credibility, showcase products more compellingly, increase average order value, and drive more sales.

Empower Your People

Give a new voice to your associates & experts in your products and brand. Train them and let them be your digital voice.

Increase Viewership

Broadcast your shoppable video content to your in store display at scale.

Trusted environment

Use your store environment to create a trusted & recognizable space to host your livestream.

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