The top 4 questions to ask when considering shoppable video solutions

Live Stream Shopping questions

Live stream shopping in today’s digital-first era,  is quickly gaining traction as a dynamic and interactive e-commerce model. Knowing the Top 4 questions to ask when evaluating live stream shopping solutions is crucial for any brands considering a new software solution. 

By merging entertainment with real-time purchasing, live stream shopping offers an exciting avenue for businesses to connect directly with consumers. In this blog, we’ll discuss the top four questions you should consider when evaluating a live stream shopping solution.

1. Live Stream Shopping Functionality & User Experience: Is it Seamless?

The essence of live stream shopping revolves around real-time interactions between the host and the viewers. Thus, when evaluating a platform, ask:

How does it handle real-time interactions, product showcasing, and transactions?

Smooth video streaming, minimal latency for real-time interactions, and a seamless method for viewers to make purchases are non-negotiable. The experience for both streamer and audience plays a pivotal role in conversion rates, so ensure the platform prioritizes user satisfaction. At eStreamly we believe that shoppers should never have to compromise between continuing watching your content vs shopping. Like TikTok experience, eStreamly offers in video checkout where the video becomes shoppable anywhere.  


2. Integration & Scalability for Live Stream Shopping: Is it Compatible and Future-Proof?

Your chosen live stream shopping solution should not only serve your needs today but also grow with your brand. Hence, consider:

How easily can the platform be integrated with existing e-commerce systems, and how scalable is it to accommodate growth?

Compatibility with your existing ecommerce infrastructure, be it inventory systems, payment gateways, or CRM tools, is crucial for a seamless transition. Moreover, as your brand expands and attracts a larger audience, ensure the platform remains robust and responsive to increased traffic. Don’t compromise having 2 different ecommerce to accommodate for live stream shopping

live stream shopping choices

3.Monetization & Analytics: How Do You Measure Success in Live Stream Shopping?

Livestream shopping isn’t just about sales; it’s also about engagement, interaction, and brand loyalty. Thus, ask:

What interactivity features are available, and what kind of analytics and reporting does the platform provide?

Beyond direct sales, understand the various interactivity features the platform offers—like polls, social proof when someone makes a purchase… Furthermore, insightful analytics are indispensable to gauge your livestream’s success, understand viewer behavior, and refine your future broadcasts. Look for metrics on viewer engagement, peak viewing times, clicked or purchased products, and overall sales conversion rates. At eStreamly, not only you can get deep analytics on user behavior, the platform also enables you to understand traffic attribution.  

4. Social Media Integration & Notification: Are You Maximizing Reach?

In today’s interconnected digital ecosystem, social media channels are crucial amplifiers for any content, including livestreams. Therefore, an important question to ask is:

How seamlessly does the platform integrate with major social media networks, and what notification capabilities does it offer?

Social media integration allows you to tap into existing follower bases, foster virality, and maximize audience reach. A platform that can simulcast your livestream across multiple social channels or effortlessly share post-live video content can significantly enhance your brand’s visibility. Ideally the solution has a broadcaster and do not require a 3rd party solution to support social media streaming. 

Moreover, the ability to notify your followers serve as essential digital nudges, bringing users back to apps and prompting engagement. Notification bridges the gap between intent and action, enhancing user experience and boosting retention. Software like eStreamly enables users to receive SMS notifications when you go live, further driving your ROI and audience attendance. 

Final Thoughts

While these four questions serve as a foundational guide, remember that your specific needs might warrant other considerations, including costs, customer support, security, and customization capabilities. As you venture into the realm of livestream shopping, ensure your chosen platform not only meets your present needs but is also poised to accommodate your brand’s future evolution.

Happy streaming!

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