Solution to “help us confirm that you own this account” with Instagram login


Are you having Instagram asking “help us confirm you own this account”? Well, don’t worry it’s common and can be solved.

Why this message? Instagram “help us confirm you own this account” message mostly appears when

  • You try to log in to the account from a different device
  • You log in with the same account on multiple devices
  • You log in after a very long time

No worries here is what to do and resolved it quickly:

Entering the security code, Instagram sends to your registered number or email 

instagram blocked account

Sometimes users don’t receive the code or no longer can access the registered number or email.

Here is a quick guide to Instagram help us confirm you own this account message

  1. Open in browser on your computer or laptop. Otherwise logout and when login click on “forgot password”
  2. Open link  and enter credentials for account you need to restore access.
  3. Check your email and find a message from Instagram. You want to click “Reset Password”.
  4. Enter new password, confirm

5. Check your email again and click “Secure your account here” in message from Instagram.

6. Confirm your information and Voilà! You’re back in 🙂

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