Decoding VideoCommerce: A Roundtable Reflection With Industry Expert – Season Finale

TLEP 82 | Video Content

  In this riveting season finale, we bring together four luminaries in the live eCommerce space to unpack the transformations we’ve witnessed over the past 80 weeks. Our esteemed panel includes Carmen Muley, the former video commerce host turned CEO at Freim, a renowned European live shopping agency. Carmen has just marked a new milestone […]

The Power Of Becoming The Face Of Your Brand With Taylor Capuano

TLEP 64 | Face Of Your Brand

  “You get people to trust you when you share vulnerably. Anytime you can let your personality come through, people will want to root for you.” Special guest Taylor Capuano is the cofounder of CAKES Body, a brand dedicated to creating alternatives to the traditional bra while supporting women’s health. CAKES was in the top […]

Ways To Promote And Sell Well On Social Media

TLEP 42 | Selling On Social Media

Whitney and Nicolas discuss a popular article from eCommerce Nation and share their advice on maximizing TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and new apps like BeReal. Learn how eCommerce buyers are influenced by social media and use it to discover what to buy. Discover ways to take full advantage of the most popular social networks. […]