How Does Social Commerce Work? 

understanding social commerce

Social commerce refers to the buying and selling of products or services through social media platforms.  Here’s a quick overview of how social commerce works: – Social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest introduce shopping features that allow businesses to showcase and sell products directly on their profiles. eStreamly and other providers allow businesses […]

Elevating Brands: Melissa’s Strategies for social commerce on BigCommerce

Bigcommerce social commerce

As product discovery shifts to social platforms like Instagram and TikTok, social commerce is firmly on the rise, observes Melissa Dixon of BigCommerce. She notes that authentic, streamlined video content resonates better than overly polished productions. By relying on a vast partner network, BigCommerce focuses on core platform performance while empowering merchants to lead innovation in emerging areas like social commerce and live video shopping.

Which Social Commerce Platforms to Watch in 2024

Choosing social commerce sites for ecommerce

Social Commerce has exploded in popularity over the past few years. For retailers and brands, it provides a fun and engaging way to showcase products and connect directly with customers. For shoppers, it makes buying more entertaining and interactive.

Several video commerce platforms have emerged as leaders in this exciting new space. Here are some of the top shoppable video platforms to watch in 2024:

From Rural Stores to YouTube: Retail Marketing Insights from Carla at TIA Ecuador

Carla TIA

Ecuadorian retailer TIA is at the forefront of omni-channel retail marketing, blending physical stores with digital commerce. As Digital Marketing Manager Carla Paladines explains, TIA meets rural communities where they are comfortable shopping, whether in-store or through social commerce initiatives. By localizing its digital approach, TIA provides an excellent model for retail marketing strategies that connect with all demographics.