New UGC Alert and Gamification tools from eStreamly

Free UGC video alert and Gamification ideas

eStreamly is Debuting Innovative New Products Introducing: UGC Video Alerts and a Gamification product – Trivia Live. eStreamly, a leader in livestream shopping and video commerce solutions, announced today at 14th January, 2024 the launch of two new products designed to help retailers connect with and engage consumers in the crowded digital marketplace. UGC Alerts […]

The top 4 questions to ask when considering shoppable video solutions

Live Stream Shopping questions

In today’s digital-first era, livestream shopping is quickly gaining traction as a dynamic and interactive e-commerce model. Knowing the Top 4 questions to ask when evaluating livestream shopping solutions is crucial for any brands considering a new software solution.

By merging entertainment with real-time purchasing, liveshopping offers an exciting avenue for businesses to connect directly with consumers. In this blog, we’ll discuss the top three questions you should consider when evaluating a livestream shopping solution.

Gaining Consumer Trust in an AI-Wary Era:

In a rapidly evolving landscape where AI technology has been met with skepticism by a majority of Americans, how do you face these concerns and maximize the advances in technology

Scaling Social Commerce: Insights From Livestream Consultant Nicole Rechtszaid

TLEP 72 | Live Streaming

Does it feel like you’ve been spinning your wheels, trying to create engaging, entertaining, and impactful live video content, with little to no success? Are you tired of blindly following outdated advice, only to end up disappointed with the lackluster results? If any of this resonates, this episode is for you! Get ready to learn […]

The Power Of Personalization: Keys To Customer Satisfaction With Eric Melchor

TLEP 70 | Customer Satisfaction

Special guest Eric Melchor is Personalization Geek for OptiMonk. He has gone from 0-40,000 users in just a few years and have over 500 five-star ratings on Shopify. OptiMonk’s mission is to empower the average online business with Amazon-like personalization superpowers. This episode discusses the changing consumer preferences and the importance of personalization for businesses. […]

Is Now The Right Time To Make Live Shopping Videos?

TLEP 55 | Live Shopping

  Nicolas and Whitney discuss why now is the right time to start live shopping as a brand/creator. Live events can amplify your visibility, dominate the search channel for your niche, create more social proof, and help you remain competitive. So what’s stopping you? Tune in if you need some convincing as we share our […]

Disrupting eCommerce Drop Shipping With Greg Writer

TLEP 52 | eCommerce Drop Shipping

  Special guest Greg Writer has over 35 years of experience in corporate finance, capital formation, executive-level management, mergers & acquisitions, software development, licensing & distribution, and sales & marketing. He is often referred to as “The Entrepreneur’s Best Friend” because he helps them raise capital, market their businesses, and ring the cash register. Learn […]

Legally Protecting Live Content With Eric Farber

TLEP 51 | Protecting Your Content

  Special guest Eric Farber is Founder and CEO of, a former entertainment lawyer for over 20 years, and author of The Case for Culture, bestselling book discussing growing your company through a great culture. Uncover his perspective on how to be more professional and legally protect your content. Hear about Eric’s background and […]

Build A Valuable Brand With Cristina Cortes

TLEP 49 | Serving Your Audience

  “What really gets a buyer interested is understanding how a product helps them get where they need to go… Always remember that there’s a person on the other side of the screen.” Special guest Cristina Cortes coaches nano-influencers and small business owners on how to monetize their Instagram and TikTok to build their personal […]