Scaling Social Commerce: Insights From Livestream Consultant Nicole Rechtszaid

TLEP 72 | Live Streaming

Does it feel like you’ve been spinning your wheels, trying to create engaging, entertaining, and impactful live video content, with little to no success? Are you tired of blindly following outdated advice, only to end up disappointed with the lackluster results? If any of this resonates, this episode is for you! Get ready to learn […]

Using AI For Live Video Commerce Success With Whitney Lauritsen

TLEP 62 | Using AI For Lives

  Whitney investigates the various AI tools available for live commerce. The episode starts with an overview of the tools she’s been researching and using, including what they are, how they work, and how they can be applied to business, specifically video shopping events. Whitney defines generative AI and large language models before providing examples […]

Make Live Video Sponsorships More Profitable With Justin Moore

TLEP 38 | Live Video Sponsorships

“There’s nothing as effective as a live commerce experience” Our special guest is Justin Moore, Sponsorship Coach and Founder of CreatorWizard, a school & community that teaches you how to find & negotiate your dream brand deals so that you stop leaving thousands on the table. Justin and his wife have made over $3M working […]