Content That Sells: How To Convert A Social Media Audience Into Customers With Emma Tessler

TLEP 73 | Content Marketing

Emma discusses content marketing and building strong connections with your audience. She explains the different definitions of live shopping, from in-app shopping to shopping from a social media post, and emphasizes the importance of converting viewers into paying customers. She also outlines the Ninety Five Media method, which involves setting goals, creating a strategy, executing that strategy, and analyzing data. She stresses the importance of data in marketing and explains why it is crucial to look at data on a weekly basis.

The Future Of Live Shopping eCommerce In 2023 And The Impact Of AI

TLEP 59 | Live Shopping eCommerce

  In this episode, Whitney and Nicholas discuss the future of live eCommerce shopping in 2023. Plus, we also share our experience and thoughts about artificial intelligence (AI) tools, like ChatGPT and Descript. The conversation begins with a review of what we predicted for 2022, including what did and didn’t happen in the live-streaming and […]