Content That Sells: How To Convert A Social Media Audience Into Customers With Emma Tessler

TLEP 73 | Content Marketing

Emma discusses content marketing and building strong connections with your audience. She explains the different definitions of live shopping, from in-app shopping to shopping from a social media post, and emphasizes the importance of converting viewers into paying customers. She also outlines the Ninety Five Media method, which involves setting goals, creating a strategy, executing that strategy, and analyzing data. She stresses the importance of data in marketing and explains why it is crucial to look at data on a weekly basis.

Handling Live Stream Hate Comments And Social Media Trolls With Hilary Billings

TLEP 60 | Handling Social Media Trolls

  “You’re showing up in your content to add value to other people.” Special guest Hilary Billings is a popular viral video creator and strategist who grew from 0-400k followers on TikTok in 40 days. She is also the Co-Founder and CEO of Attentioneers, where she leads a creative agency to help clients grow revenue […]

Mastering The Art Of The Video Hook With Jake Drake

TLEP 58 | Video Hook

Jake Drake is a multimedia producer based in San Diego, California. He has been directing and producing livestreams for over 10 years. Jake works with clients ranging from small startups to companies like Google, The Washington Post, and Pinterest. Through his work, Jake has generated over $6.1M in revenue for his clients. In this episode, […]