Empower Your Influencers, Experts, Celebrities To Sell Anywhere

Boost Your Social Commerce Sales

Reach New Audience

Enable your influencers/ experts to reach their audience through shoppable video and livestream connected to your ecommerce.

Drive Sales

Don't ask viewers to leave content to shop. Bring shopping to the videos

Automate Creator Pay-out

Sell seamlessly. Be a force in social commerce and facilitate instant pay-out to creators.

Measure ROI

Invite Creators, influencers, experts. Monitors engagements and sales. Analyze attributions and retarget viewers.

Reach Creators Audience

Let your influencers, experts, celebrities, and store rep. add their social media handle and stream to their audience. Videos are connected to your ecommerce and payment.

Creators can pick the products they want to showcase and distribute their shoppable content anywhere.

Viewers will be able to purchase your products directly on the videos/ livestream

Facilitate Pay Out

Let your creators/ influencers community drive sales and set pay-out as a variable of sales for each of them.

Be a steward of the creator economy and social commerce with instant payout.

Gain Insights

Measure ROI on your social commerce campaigns.

Understand audience engagements and creator performance.

Retarget viewers and abandon cart.

AWS estreamly
eStreamly is an AWS partner

How it works?


Pick your plan

Pick your plan & sign-up for your account. Complete the onboarding form and let us do the rest.


Install your Plugin

Download our public plugin or we will send you a private plugin link. Connect your eCommerce & payment to eStreamly – Integration is quick and easy. Install a eStreamly pixel to understand indirect sales ROI


Invite Creators and Influencers

Invite your creators and influencers to collaborate on the eStreamly platform. Set percentage of sales payout. Let them manage and create their own livestream and video shoppable content.



Review creator engagement, sales, dropped purchases, conversion rate, origin of the traffic. Analyze direct & Indirect Sales ROI

Frequently asked questions

Estreamly is the fastest way for your customers to transact from a video. Each video become an extension of your ecommerce with in video checkout.
eStreamly integrates with your e-commerce environment. We seamlessly integrate with Shopify, WooCommerce, Magento and BigCommerce and are always working on new integrations.