From Red Carpets to LiveShopping: Lucy Norris’s Journey in Video Commerce

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In the latest episode of the Live E-commerce Podcast, host Nicolas Bailliache sits down with Lucy Norris, a veteran of the entertainment industry who has seamlessly transitioned into the world of liveshopping. Lucy’s fascinating journey from actress to TV presenter to live shopping expert offers valuable insights for anyone interested in the evolving landscape of video commerce.

A Star is Born: Lucy’s Early Career with livestreaming

Lucy’s story begins in front of the camera, with 15 years spent in New York as a trained actress. Unable to master the American accent, she pivoted to TV presenting, leveraging skills she had honed in England. Her early days on Sky TV’s “Fame TV” laid the groundwork for her future in live entertainment, teaching her to engage viewers and produce her own segments.

Making It in the Big Apple

Determined to succeed in New York’s competitive entertainment scene, Lucy took matters into her own hands. When agents couldn’t place her, she created her own web series, “On Deck with Lucy.” This DIY approach opened doors, leading to opportunities with QVC, HSN, and Fashion News Live.

The Pivot to Secondhand Fashion

After burning out in New York, Lucy returned to England and had to rebuild her career from scratch. This challenge led her to embrace secondhand fashion, both out of necessity and passion. She started a blog called “Secondhand Styling,” which eventually evolved into a full-fledged business combining pre-loved fashion with live entertainment.

LiveShopping: The Perfect Blend for Lucy Norris

Lucy’s experience in live TV and her passion for secondhand fashion converged in the world of live shopping. She emphasizes the importance of knowing your audience intimately and creating a sense of community during live streams. Her swap program at Secondhand Styling adds an extra layer of engagement, allowing customers to refresh their wardrobes sustainably.

Tips for Aspiring LiveShopping Hosts like Lucy Norris

Lucy shares several valuable tips for those looking to enter the live shopping space:

  1. Focus on energy and spontaneity to keep viewers engaged
  2. Greet viewers as they join the stream to create a welcoming atmosphere
  3. Remember personal details about regular viewers to build connections
  4. Repeat key information throughout the stream for new joiners
  5. Balance fashion advice with selling by creating short, engaging stories
  6. Be authentic and don’t be afraid to show vulnerability

The Future of Video Commerce

As live shopping continues to gain popularity in the UK and US, Lucy sees tremendous potential in the industry. Through her company OCP Media Training, she now consults with brands on implementing live shopping strategies and training associates to become effective live sellers.

Lucy Norris’s journey from traditional entertainment to liveshopping pioneer is a testament to the power of adaptability and authenticity in the ever-changing world of digital commerce. Her insights offer valuable guidance for brands and individuals looking to make their mark in this exciting space.

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