Elevating Brands: Melissa’s Strategies for social commerce on BigCommerce

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The world of social commerce is rapidly evolving as video and live streaming become more integrated into online shopping experiences. Melissa Dixon, Director Content Marketing at BigCommerce, a leading ecommerce platform, share her educated perspectives.

Flexibility Fuels Innovation with BigCommerce

A major focus for BigCommerce is providing flexibility for merchants to customize their ecommerce experiences. As Melissa explained, BigCommerce offers the capabilities of an enterprise-level platform but with an open API architecture more akin to a SaaS model. Therefore, this means merchants can tailor features to match their business needs and adopt new innovations easier, without high development costs.

As consumer behaviors and technologies change so rapidly. For this reason, adaptability is crucial for brands to stay competitive. BigCommerce aims to empower merchants with agility to explore emerging channels from video commerce to 3D models to omni-channel sales.

Social Commerce Gaining Steam, Especially on BigCommerce

Social platforms like Instagram and TikTok have become go-to places for product discovery and inspiration, even if purchases don’t happen directly on those channels yet. Additionally as Melissa highlighted, social commerce on BigCommerce is firmly on the rise. Brands need to have a presence where their target audiences are browsing and interacting. This increasingly means not only having an ecommerce site but also leveraging social platforms for digital shopping elements.

Streamlined Video Content Resonates

Video production values have come a long way from the early YouTube days. But Melissa observed that highly polished, scripted video is fading in favor of more authentic, conversational content. Meanwhile, she noted how live streaming embodies that raw, in-the-moment engagement. Short form videos that convey key information also connect well.

Therefore, for video commerce, demonstrations and product interactions tend to work better with a more casual, imperfect style. Relatability and personality-driven narratives tend to outperform stiff corporate productions. Basically, simple works beautifully.

Retention Starts with Value in Social Commerce

Email marketing platform MailChimp has contended with churn thanks to the massive volume of customers it serves. To boost loyalty and reduce churn, MailChimp launched a video series documenting employees starting their own small businesses.

Moreover, this built empathy and persona understanding with the target SMB audience. BigCommerce aims to take a similar tack crafting content and experiences that support customers beyond exact product capabilities. For this reason, valuable, engaging content provides reasons for commerce site visitors to stick around and converts them to loyal brand advocates.

Strategic Partnerships Expand Possibilities with BigCommerce

As Melissa explained, BigCommerce offers “just ecommerce” but partners extensively to facilitate complementary capabilities from custom development, social commerce to multimedia content production. Relying on curated, integrated tech partners gives BigCommerce customers essentially unlimited room to realize their vision. It also allows BigCommerce to focus on enhancing and simplifying core platform performance.

The partner ecosystem model positions BigCommerce merchants to achieve innovative goals from AR try-ons to live video shopping and beyond. This strategy aligns with the emphasis on flexibility and future-proofing brands.

What is Live Shopping? 

Live shopping gives consumers the opportunity to purchase as they watch video streams. With social commerce, retailers can broadcast live video streams and engage with consumers in real time. eStreamly’s video commerce solution enables brands to host live shopping events across multiple channels. From shoppable live shows on social media to hosting video commerce events. Live shopping is the future of retail. Live streaming shopping apps are the tools successful retail brands will need. eStreamly’s white label solution gives brands shoppable videos. As live streaming shopping gains momentum eStreamly is empowering retailers to leverage these Live streaming shopping apps and shoppable videos to drive higher conversion rates. Connect with today’s mobile first consumers. 

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