Navigating AI and Human Contributions in Video Commerce Content Creation

video commerce and AI

The rise of AI has brought both opportunities and challenges for content writers in the ecommerce space as well as in script writing for video commerce. In this podcast episode, host Nicolas interviews Emily O’Connor Keefe, CEO of Content Writer, to discuss how AI is changing the content landscape.

Key Takeaways:

  • Trust and accuracy are top concerns with AI-generated content. Ecommerce brands worry about incorrect product info leading to returns. AI tools can be repetitive, and lack original thought compared to human writers.
  • Some brands are using AI to save on content costs, thinking it’s faster and cheaper. But it often requires heavy human editing, reducing efficiency.
  • AI may eventually provide ecommerce product recommendations, like chatbots do today. So quality product descriptions will be important for AI to pull and summarize.
  • Long-form content like buying guides still benefits from human analysis and expertise. AI regurgitates what’s already on the web.
  • Video commerce scripts and live stream chats are growth areas for human writers. AI lacks the emotion and quick adaptability needed.
  • Not all writers have the skills for liveshopping moderation. Look for those comfortable with fast, short-form promotional writing like social media pros.
  • AI can assist human writers to be more efficient but should not fully replace them. Finding the right blend will be key going forward.

While AI opens new possibilities in content creation, human insight and originality remain vital for ecommerce brands and video commerce. As Emily emphasized, there is still a premium on authentic, high-quality writing that builds customer trust and expertise. Finding the right balance with AI will help unlock efficiency while maintaining that human connection.

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