How to Turn Livestreams and Repurpose Into Short Social Media Videos

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Livestreaming is a genuine and fun experience for both host and viewer. Content generation doesn’t have to end when the live event finishes. You can repurpose videos by posting short snippets of your livestream. This is a helpful social media strategy to increase brand awareness and drive sales.

Repurposing content involves sharing videos on multiple sites. Many brands write a blog, publish a YouTube video, and post on Facebook about the same subject.

While millions of people worldwide love joining livestreams, viewers also enjoy short-form, digestible clips. These clips are especially appreciated when they are entertaining and engaging.

Why Post Clips of A Livestream?

In 2021, livestreaming was the second-highest social media trend — 32% of marketers tried it. Head of it was short-form video content, which 52% of marketers made. By making clips of your live events, you get the best of both worlds. Repurposing helps you gain more viewers and make your content easily consumable.

Posting clips also brings a higher return on your investment. Setting up a livestream takes time and effort, and often isn’t appreciated once it ends. When you convert it into a short-form clip, you do not have to start from scratch.

What Clips Do I Post?

It’s important to be strategic about what clips you post. The first thing to consider is what your audience has responded to in the past. What made the chat most active during your livestream? Which clips gained more engagement than others? Analyze and take note of what’s working best.

As you rewatch your livestream for “clipable” content, find moments that highlight your brand’s personality. Pick humorous and relatable points that feel sharable. To avoid excluding new viewers, make sure that your short-form content can be understood by anyone.

The most successful social media posts are easily digestible or “snackable”. Examples are infographics and GIFs, which are easy to understand while someone is scrolling through their feed. Short-form videos are snackable when they are engaging to watch while providing key information.

You can create snackable content beyond your products and social media presence. Talk to and about your customers. Ask if you can share their stories. Showcase your team members by making a “day in the life” video of your company. Featuring more than your goods and services helps create a better connection with an audience and encourages customer loyalty.

Throughout your creation process, ensure that you remain consistent. Stick to your brand voice and generate as much content as you can from your streams. Posting regularly helps your engagement while entertaining your audience. However. try not to over-share. Viewers can feel turned off when seeing the same creator again and again. Audiences appreciate quantity over quality.

Where Should I Post Short-form Content?

You may have a favorite livestreaming site or use multiple platforms. While these are perfect for gaining a streaming audience, there are a few places that clips performs better. Short-form videos perform best on TikTok, Instagram Reels, and Instagram Stories. Even YouTube has a Shorts feature. People go to these social media sites searching for snackable content they can browse through and watch.

Social media sites also allow you to like and respond to viewers’ comments, which fosters a relationship with them. There, customers can receive customer service support and learn more about your company.

When you post short, snackable videos on TikTok, there is a chance that your content will go viral and boost sales. In 2021, marketing videos had an average of 3,465 likes and trending videos had 4,245. This shows that branded content can reach almost as many viewers as user generated content.

A great example is “TikTok made me buy it”. As people found products that they liked and shared to TikTok, it encouraged viewers to buy too. This trend created enjoyable content while generating a high volume of sales for companies.

Bonus Tips and Tricks

As you start to post short-form content, remember these tips and tricks:

  1. Encourage Engagement: In the caption of your short-form content, promote your upcoming livestream and invite viewers to watch. This can make your events feel more community-oriented.
  2. Caption Your Content: Adding captions to your repurposed content will make it more accessible and inclusive, which can increase your engagement.
  3. Schedule Time to Create: When you make plans for a livestream, add short-form content to your checklist. This will help you prioritize it in the production schedule. For instance, when you work with an influencer, ask if they can create clips or record snackable moments that you can edit. Then, request that they post on their social media accounts to promote the livestream.

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