How To Have A Successful Product Launch with livestream shopping

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A product launch is an essential aspect for every eCommerce shopping company. As more business owners trend towards livestreaming events and engaging with customers in real time, it’s important for them to have successful product launches.

eStreamly has created a how-to guide, so business owners can set themselves up for a successful product launch next time they go live.

This guide is divided into three stages of the product launch. Each stage plays a significant role in your product launches’ potential success.

Stage 1: Pre launch strategy

Stage 2: Launch Day Strategy

Stage 3: Post Launch Strategy

Stage 1: Pre-Launch

A well-developed Pre-Launch Strategy is the most important stage in the process. When executed correctly, it will set you up for success. The primary stage goal and most essential aspect is to build anticipation for your product and livestreaming event.

Competitor Research: understanding the market and audience you are targeting is pivotal to a successful launch. Performing research and taking notes on what has succeeded and what has not in similar businesses gets you started on the right foot. Although it is important to take chances and get creative, standing out is always a great idea.

Email Marketing Campaigns: Amongst the best ways to get your audience aware and engaged with a new product release is consistently reaching out to potential customers. Creating an email marketing strategy around your product launch reminds users of what they can expect during the livestreaming event.

Social Media Marketing Campaign: this is one of the driving forces of building anticipation. Just think of how companies like Apple + XBox and others launch their products. Before their yearly events, they slowly roll out more and more information about their products over the course of a few weeks. Getting the conversation started on social media is an undervalued aspect for many small businesses.

Finding a Host: Public speaking is an aspect of livestreaming that gives many business owners pause. Many prefer not to shine the light on themselves. Some feel more comfortable developing the product than selling. That is when they’ll hire a host for the live event. Finding a host can be a difficult process, but once you have found the right one, they will be a big part of a smooth live stream. Search for a host that aligns with the characteristics of your company and brand.

Equipment + Technical Issue Limitations: Equipment and technical failures aren’t always avoidable, however there are ways to limit these issues. One way to avoid errors is to set up and test the livestreaming environment. If there are any issues, you will be able to solve them before going live. Preparation for your live event is essential.

Creating + Scheduling product launch/live stream promo content: One of the driving factors of building up the anticipation for your live event is creating a schedule for different types of promo content. Here is a short list of some content ideas that will help generate interest.

  1. Blog article: writing and publishing an article telling your audience that you will be going live. Prominently include details of the live product launch event.
  2. Graphic/Image: posting timely reminders showcasing the product or product launch is also important.
  3. Video teasers: videos may be the most engaging type of content to create interest and anticipation. Creative short clips mentioning what users can expect during the product launch will entice users to sign up.

eStreamly shoppable livestream and video created a checklist of items to help you with the first step in developing your pre-launch strategy.

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