How to Livestream on Instagram With a 3rd party Software

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In a world dominated by visual storytelling, Instagram livestream has become a powerful tool for individuals and businesses alike to connect with their audience in real-time. Instagram, with its massive user base and dynamic features, is a prime platform for sharing live content. While Instagram does provide native livestreaming capabilities, many content creators, retailers and brands are seeking ways to enhance their live broadcasts with additional features and customization options.

This guide aims to explore the realm of livestreaming on Instagram using third-party software, opening the door to a plethora of creative possibilities. Whether you’re a seasoned content creator looking to elevate your live sessions or a newcomer eager to dive into the exciting world of livestreaming, these third-party tools can be the key to unlocking new levels of engagement and interactivity.

Instagram Livestream Producer

This feature, exclusive to, enables you to utilize popular streaming software like OBS, Ecamm and eStreamly, breaking free from the confines of smartphone cameras. Not all Instagram users have access to Livestream Producer. To check if you have access, log to your Instagram account using your desktop. Go to Create and check if you see “Live Video”. If you do, Great! You have access to the feature!

How to post Live Video on Instagram
Instagram Livestreaming

With a unique stream key, you can elevate your content. By incorporating additional cameras, external microphones, and captivating graphics, you can transform your live broadcasts into polished, professional experiences. Instagram Live Producer empowers you to craft visually stunning, multi-dimensional live streams that captivate and resonate with your audience. This offers a unique opportunity to go beyond the expected and embrace the extraordinary.

Tech requirements

Video format

  • 9×16 aspect ratio (recommended but not required)
  • 720p @ 30 fps (Live Producer can also support 60 fps)
    • Resolution: 720×1280
    • Video bitrate range: 2,250–6,000 Kbp

How to Setup Your Livestream using Instagram Live Producer

  1. Open and click the “Add post” button (plus symbol inside a square) and select “Live” from the dropdown menu.
  2. Within the “Go live” screen, enter the title of your live video and select your audience: “Practice” will not broadcast to anyone and “Public” will broadcast to your followers as a normal live video would.
  3. Get your unique URL and stream key
How to Livestream on Instagram
Livestream on Instagram

How to Stream to Instagram Live

  1. Input unique URL and stream key to your streaming software
  2. Start your livestream with your streaming software.
  3. On the Live Producer viewer on, click “Go live” within Live Producer to start the stream
  4. Finally, click “End live video” when livestream is over on the Live Producer viewer.

Alternative to Instagram Live Producer

There are few free simple tools that can give you access to your RTMP and Streamkey such as StreamOn or YellowDuck

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