What Products Are Successful During Live Shopping Events?

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What products sell in livestream shopping? Let’s dive in!

The products you feature can play a big role in the success of your eCommerce livestream. Some merchandise looks better on camera than others. And it all depends on the target demographics you’re trying to reach through live selling.

Livestreaming has grown to be its own independent shopping channel in China. With a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) reaching more than 280% between 2017 and 2020, it’s one of the first places young people go to choose the right brand and product. The popularity of eCommerce streams grew during the pandemic, as viewers can see the quality of an item without leaving their homes.

McKinsey’s survey showed that Gen Z is mostly influenced by social media when it comes to choosing a product and brand. This is only followed by online reviews, blogs, and websites. When consumers born after 2012 want to make a purchasing decision, they go online.

The products you feature play a big role in the success of your eCommerce livestream. Some merchandise looks better on camera than others. And it all depends on the target demographics you’re trying to reach through live selling.

Here are some tips, tricks, and trending products to sell online to help you have a successful and profitable live shopping event.

What Makes a Livestream Succeed?

Livestreams and virtual shopping reach a younger demographic. Gen Z influences 93% of household purchases and this young generation is on track to becoming the biggest consumer the market has seen. Livestreaming also helps you increase engagement with your audience. As technology advances, 75% of customers want more human interaction. 96% of people watch explainer videos to learn more about the items they’re interested in. In live videos, you can show how your products work with detail.

Best Selling Products Online

When determining what to sell, it is helpful to look at eCommerce product trends. Many are within a price range that is conducive to impulse purchases. Personalized or branded items are popular too. Plus, your audience wants to know what you recommend, so make sure you are passionate about what you are promoting.


Many people turn to live shows to see how clothing items look and feel. It’s no wonder fashion was the highest selling product category during livestream sales in China. The lingerie market is expected to grow to $57 billion by 2026. Along with this are many opportunities to reach niche people groups. The keywords “plus size bras” was searched 49,500 a month, and “strapless push-up bras” 33,100 times.

Yoga pants have also been trending on livestreams with a 2018 market size of $31.3 billion. This has only grown as more people stayed at home to quarantine during COVID-19. People want comfortable clothes!


The nail polish market is continuously growing within the beauty industry. It is projected to reach $19,410 million by 2026 and will grow at a CAGR of 8.5% until 2026. Many people are also gaining interest in peel-off face masks. That market was valued at $1,800 million in 2019 and is prediction to grow 5.7%.


Jewelry is another products that sold well in livestream shopping. There are lot of liveshow about bead for example. Trends come and go, but no matter what, jewelry is always a top seller. The market size for jewelry in 2019 was $330 billion globally and is expected to grow at a CAGR of 3.7%.

Food and Beverage

Food and beverages may seem difficult to sell on a livestream, but not for products like instant and canned food, sauces, and powdered drinks. Powdered drink mixes in particular are going to gain more popularity in the next few years. These can be easily demonstrated through showing the process of making the products to their viewers.

Art Supplies

Whether your audience consists of students, professionals, artists, or pen collectors, everyone needs a writing tool. Pens and pencils are a $21 billion industry. The keyword “pencils” generates 550,000 searches per month alone. Since these items are so needed and desired, they make a great eCommerce product. Plus, they’re easy to brand or design in a unique way.


There are other products that sold well in livestream shopping: Electronics. You can sell a variety of electronics during live streams. Bluetooth’s speakers, computer accessories, smartphone accessories (like headphones), and LED light bulbs make great featured products. By the end of 2021 the global electronics market is expected to hit $1055.29 billion. By 2025 it could reach $1291.14 billion, so selling electronics should scale well in the future.

Take Inspiration From Other Successful Brands

Brands like Best Fiends, Make-a-Wish, and Kohl’s have benefitted from partnerships with vloggers and social media influencers. These companies have embraced the online audience with live unboxing and tutorials. This increased visibility benefits both the brand and the content creators involved.

Want some help doing the same? By providing everything you need for a successful stream, eStreamly can help you show off and sell your products quickly and efficiently. To learn more about how eStreamly can help you thrive in the livestream space, check out our podcast and visit our website today! The Live eCommerce podcast discusses how influencers and brands can grow their live audience and improve their customer shopping

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