What is Shoppable Video and How Does It Work?

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As technology continues to evolve, so does the way we shop. In recent years, we’ve seen a rise in livestream shopping, or video selling, as it’s sometimes called. This new form of shopping combines the best of both worlds: the convenience of online shopping with the personal touch of in-store shopping.

With shoppable videos, you can browse and purchase products without ever leaving the comfort of your own home. But how does it work? In this article, we’ll take a look at what shoppable videos are and how they work.

What is Shoppable Video?

A shoppable video is a marketing video that showcases retail products using embedded links. Viewers can click on the links provided while watching the video to purchase the desired items without having to exit the video. This is a more advantageous shopping experience for the customer, as they can continue watching the video while still being able to purchase the items they want.

Having products linked in the description of a video forces viewers to leave the video page and potentially miss out on marketing messages.

A shoppable video creates a more interactive experience designed to keep viewers engaged and allows them to initiate their buying process without disrupting their viewing experience. For this reason, shoppable videos are becoming increasingly popular among online shoppers and retailers alike. Not only do they have the great advantage of boosting sales and conversion rates, but they can also increase customer loyalty and brand awareness.

In addition, shoppable videos provide valuable data that can be used to inform future marketing efforts. Businesses can track which products are being clicked on most frequently and adjust their inventory accordingly. Overall, shoppable videos are an innovative way to merge online video content with eCommerce, creating a seamless and engaging experience for viewers.

Are Shoppable Videos Effective?

Creating shoppable videos is becoming a core component of modern marketing strategy

Shoppable videos are a relatively new phenomenon, but they’re already proving to be popular with both shoppers and retailers. One recent study predicts that shippable video will become “the main way users browse the Internet.” This is likely because interactive shoppable videos offer a more immersive and personal shopping experience than traditional online shopping.

One of the major benefits of shoppable videos is that they make it easy for viewers to find and purchase the products they’re interested in. With traditional online shopping or video ads, viewers would have to search for the product on the retailer’s website, which can be time-consuming. With shoppable videos, they can just click on the link and be taken directly to the product page. Other benefits of shoppable videos include:

    • Increased Sales: Shoppable videos have the potential to increase sales and conversion rates. This is because they make it easy for viewers to find and purchase the products they’re interested in.
    • Improved Customer Engagement: Shoppable videos create a more interactive and engaging experience for viewers. This is because they allow viewers to make purchases without disrupting their viewing experience.
    • Better Customer Loyalty: Shoppable videos have the potential to increase customer loyalty and brand awareness. This is because they provide a more personal shopping experience that is designed to keep viewers engaged.

How Does It Work?

Check out the eStreamly website for some great shoppable video examples

Shoppable videos are created using an eCommerce video platform, which embeds links into the video itself. These links can be to any product or website, but they are typically products that are being promoted in the video. These videos can be livestreams or pre-recorded videos, and they usually take the form of a product demonstration or a tutorial.

eStreamly makes it extremely easy to create amazing shoppable video content

Shoppable video platforms like eStreamly make it a cinch to employ shoppable video strategies and attract many more website visitors

With the eStreamly platform, you can add products into your interactive shoppable video with just a few clicks. You can also add call-to-actions, annotations, and other interactive elements to make your shoppable content more engaging. It is one of the best liveshopping platforms available as it helps businesses of all sizes stand out with impactful shoppable video on their website across their social media platforms. In their own words, it’s like “having your own Home Shopping Network” that lets you sell anywhere at anytime!

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