Why should you use vertical video for Liveshopping?

Vertical video is the most effective way to engage with your audience, but why?

Increased Mobile Usage:

  • Over 50% of all internet traffic comes from mobile devices.
  • Today, nearly 57% of all worldwide video plays come from mobile devices, and consequently, most users hold their phones vertically roughly 94% of the time.

The Focus Point:

  • Vertical videos have a smaller width, which therefore means, you’ll only be able to focus on one or two objects without cropping,
  • This is advantageous for liveshopping, as your viewers will be able to more focused on your products.

Unique to Vertical videos:

  • Studies have shown that the attention span of mobile users is shorter than desktop users – so you need to have concise and engaging message.
  • Aim for bite-sized content of 1-2 minutes.
  • When you produce Vertical videos, they are more easily convertible for other social media sites.

Authentic advantage:

  • Vertical videos are culturally relevant and authentic.
  • They create a modern image for your brand.
  • In addition, social media performance is better with vertical content.

Engagement Rates:

  • Vertical videos have been shown to have 90% higher completion rates than horizontal videos.
  • On Instagram, the engagement rate is 2-3X higher than horizontal videos.

Can you create vertical video for live shopping?

Yes, tools like eStreamly support both horizontal and vertical video formats natively with its video broadcaster. It will also push your vertical content directly to Instagram, Facebook and Youtube – increasing your reach. eStreamly enables your vertical player to be embedded on your site, mobile app and video links. Furthermore, when your audience explores your products during your livestream, a mini vertical player will appear on the product page. As a result, this feature allows users to continue shopping while watching the video.

Vertical Video Tips

  • Shoot Vertically: When you shoot vertically you fill the entire screen and provide a natural viewing experience on mobile devices.
  • Be aware of the space: Know the angle and space you record so you always remain in focus and on camera.
  • Avoid fast camera movements that can be distracting. Focus on smooth transitions to maintain viewer interest.
  • Increase the quality of production, buy using a second camera to focus on products.

Vertical Video conclusion:

Creating your video’s vertically gives your content an advantage, it is optimized for mobile viewers, it gives your brand an authentic and modern image. eStreamly is a tool optimized for creating liveshopping content, that can stream across multiple places.

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