How Does Social Commerce Work? 

understanding social commerce

Social commerce refers to the buying and selling of products or services through social media platforms. 

Here’s a quick overview of how social commerce works:

– Social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest introduce shopping features that allow businesses to showcase and sell products directly on their profiles. eStreamly and other providers allow businesses to stream to social media and their websites 

– Businesses can create shoppable posts with product images, descriptions, prices and a link to purchase. By using streaming services such as eStreamly, businesses are able to stream live or create shoppable videos.  Users can browse products and complete purchases without leaving the app.

– Platforms like also allow users to click on tags and shoppable stickers within posts to reveal more information and purchase options. By using products like eStreamly you are able to complete the purchase whilst remaining on the social commerce site. 

– Social platforms utilize user data and browsing history to recommend relevant products to users. Targeted ads also help connect users with products they may like. Marketers also use this data to identify customer habits and to inform product promotion. Having access to the right data is crucially important to getting the right results for your business. It is important to have control over your audience data. 

Check out process

– The check-out process is typically handled by the business’ e-commerce site, with the transaction taking place on that site, rather than on the social platform. This can cause a point for friction for buyers. Buyers maybe be bounced when they try and visit your website or by taking them away from the content they are interested in they become distracted and do not purchase. Having a solution that allows your customers to purchase within the social app they are using gives you more potential to get customers through the purchase journey. 

– Social platforms aim to create a streamlined experience by allowing in-app payments, saving payment credentials, and introducing integrated messaging so brands can communicate with customers.

– Users can share product recommendations through tagging, shares and social media influencers, enabling social commerce to spread virally. Using this to drive growth is important for social brands and creating Live content for them to watch and engage with gives them a  reason to follow you. 

– Reviews, ratings and social proof provide users more confidence to purchase through social networks. Leveraging this on a Live Selling experience gives you the opportunity to show your customers what your product offers and allows them to share their experiences – giving you social proof and your customers a greater understanding of what they are buying. 

So why Social Commerce?

Social commerce allows shopping directly via social platforms while leveraging social data, connections and influencers to drive purchases. The convenience and strong trust in brands on social media is making this a growing retail trend. Utilizing the right tools allows you to make the most of your opportunities. Knowing your customer data, keeping your customers on one site reduces a point of friction for your customers. Live Shopping gives you the opportunity to drive traffic, increase your conversion rates, create shoppable assets and have data to improve your customer experience. It’s already a $31B industry so what’s stopping you? 


What is Live Shopping?  

Live shopping New UGC Alert and Gamification tools from eStreamly gives consumers the opportunity to purchase as they watch video streams. With social commerce, retailers can broadcast live video streams and engage with consumers in real time. eStreamly’s video commerce solution enables brands to host live shopping events across multiple channels. From shoppable live shows on social media to hosting video commerce events. Live shopping is the future of retail. Live streaming shopping apps are the tools successful retail brands will need. eStreamly’s white label solution gives brands shoppable videos. As live streaming shopping gains momentum eStreamly is empowering retailers to leverage these Live streaming shopping apps and shoppable videos to drive higher conversion rates. Connect with today’s mobile first consumers. 

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