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About Our Solution

Get Started Without Your IT Support 👀

Easy to implement. As easy as embedding a Youtube Video

Reliable & Secure CDN

We work with the most advanced content delivery network to deliver the best experience for each user.

Performance Marketing

Upload your video, tag products, embed and use them in your marketing campaign (SMS, email, social media ads…).

Integrate your eCom

We integrate your product catalog, sync inventory, discounts, shipping policies, taxes, and automate order placement seamlessly with your existing system.

Moderate Chat

Enjoy 3 levels of moderation. Crosswords are automatically blurred. Remove undesirable comments, or disable a user from the chat.

Secured Payment

We surface the UI of your payment processor or eCommerce platform – All transactions are tokenized for maximum security. It’s your customers, your payment, and your data.

Leverage Social Media

Simulcast to Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and more. Broadcast your content where your customers are.

Understand Your Audience

Get attribution data, learn your audience behavior, analyze results and make informed decision on video, product, and host performance.

Poll Your Audience

From learning about your audience to creating a game, running polls and getting instant feedback.


What our customers are saying

Jeff Tezak
Jeff Tezak

CEO, Drink Tiiga

“I had to step out of my comfort zone to go live and it was helpful to have eStreamly support on my side, get the confidence boost I needed to go over the hedge. Highly recommend.”

Assunta Wilson
Assunta Wilson

Entrepreneur & Creator

“Being an entrepreneur creator and being able to support Black Beauty Brands, working with eStreamly has been such an innovative and breakthrough way to bring product to new market that would usually not be served.”

Gaia T.
Gaia T.

Digital Marketing, Lavazza USA

“Easy to use software for shoppable livestreaming. Can upload easily products, discounts, polls and questions”