Should Creators Host Liveshopping Events?

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Why should creators do livestream shopping events?

As a content creator or influencer, you might be wondering if hosting a liveshopping event is the right choice for you.

Here are a few reasons you should consider shoppable video. And why it might be the best move you make in your career.

It can be incredibly lucrative.

Since liveshopping creator earn a percentage of the sales made on the livestream – rather than a fixed rate – there’s no real limit to your earning potential.

In China – on average – a liveshopping event host earns 10-30% of the profit made from the livestream shopping event. In the US, commission varies, but it is reasonable to expect in the 10-20% range. 

Lipstick king or lipstick brother who even has his own Wiki page! sold $1.7 billion dollars worth of goods in a 12-hour livestream last year, on China’s biggest shopping day … At 30% commission, you only to do one to retire 😉

Liveselling is a highly marketable skill.

Being proficient with social commerce, livecommerce will give you bargaining power with brands! Indeed, digital marketers constantly battle to understand which creators can drive revenue. By driving sales on a video commerce show, they’ll be able to demonstrate ROI. As a result, your value will greatly be accrued.

As a content creator, it can be difficult to keep up with the latest trends and to stay relevant in such a rapidly evolving industry.

However, this is one trend that’s sure to dominate the marketing space over the next decade. Making the ability to successfully host liveshopping events an invaluable skill that brands will be on the lookout for in the very near future.

As a liveshopping creator, you can differentiate yourself.

In a highly saturated influencer market, this is a way to set yourself apart from other influencers . It can also give brands one more reason to work with you over one of your peers.

It’s an investment in your future.

Typically, when brands execute a social commerce campaign such as liveshopping events, they don’t pay influencers/content creators a flat rate. Instead, they offer their livestream host a percentage of sales.

This might deter some content creators from giving livestream shopping a try, particularly if you’re a creator with a smaller following – but it shouldn’t.

Hosting these events on livestream shopping apps will allow you to hone your skills so that your hosting is more successful at driving sales. This, in turn, makes you more attractive to brands and encourages them to offer you a higher percentage of sales and even give you opportunities for exclusive brand deals. Another strategy you may want to consider, offer a small flat fee & a percentage of sales against a longer term engagement from the brand.

Needing no further explanation, livestream shopping events may become the most lucrative opportunities for influencers and content creators going forward, when using a livestream shopping. And eStreamly can help you with embeddable shoppable video.

What is Live Shopping?  Live shopping gives consumers the opportunity to purchase as they watch video streams. With social commerce, retailers can broadcast live video streams and engage with consumers in real time. eStreamly’s video commerce solution enables brands to host live shopping events across multiple channels. From shoppable live shows on social media to hosting video commerce events. Live shopping is the future of retail. Live streaming shopping apps, shoppable videos, these are the tools successful retail brands will need. eStreamly’s white label solution gives brands shoppable videos. As live streaming shopping gains momentum eStreamly is empowering retailers to leverage these Live streaming shopping apps and shoppable videos to drive higher conversion rates and connect with today’s mobile first consumers.

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