Cracking the Social Shopping Code with Neil Twa: Amazon, TikTok & Building to Sell

Neil Twa

Neil Twa, Founder of Voltage Digital Marketing, discusses the rise of social commerce on Amazon and beyond. He explores Amazon’s efforts with the Influencer Program and Live Shopping, the power of user-generated content, using AI for efficient content creation at scale, and his framework for evaluating promising Amazon businesses for acquisition to optimize operations and drive growth across multiple sales channels for a lucrative exit.

The Power of Hyva for Magento Stores & Video Commerce

The Power of Hyva for Magento Stores & How it unleashes your Video Commerce Success

Hyva is revolutionizing the Magento ecommerce ecosystem by enabling merchants to deliver exceptional video commerce experiences. With its lightweight frontend, Hyva ensures blazing-fast page load times, crucial for seamless video playback and engaging product demos. Discover how brands are leveraging Hyva to handle traffic surges from successful video marketing campaigns without crashing. Explore real-world examples, best practices, and insights into the Magento community’s focus on simplicity and accessibility.

TikTok Payments & 4 Ecommerce 2024 Predictions You Need to Know

Paul Drexler ecommerce shopifreaks

In this episode of the Live Ecommerce Podcast, host Nicolas interviews Paul Drexler, author of the popular Shopifreaks newsletter, to discuss predictions for ecommerce in 2024. Paul shares his insights from over 20 years of experience in web development, ecommerce, and travel.
One prediction examined is that no new major marketplace will seriously challenge the dominance of Amazon, Walmart, and eBay in the U.S. Paul disagrees, arguing the golden era of those giants is ending…

Elevating Brands: Melissa’s Strategies for social commerce on BigCommerce

Bigcommerce social commerce

As product discovery shifts to social platforms like Instagram and TikTok, social commerce is firmly on the rise, observes Melissa Dixon of BigCommerce. She notes that authentic, streamlined video content resonates better than overly polished productions. By relying on a vast partner network, BigCommerce focuses on core platform performance while empowering merchants to lead innovation in emerging areas like social commerce and live video shopping.

Livestreaming Best Practices With Stephanie Liu

liveshopping with Stephanie

Live streaming expert Stephanie Garcia shares her top tips for creating engaging video content: craft attention-grabbing hooks, prepare detailed run of show plans, get creative with audio/visual cues, and repurpose each show into multiple pieces of content.

How FashionGo is Pioneering Video Commerce for B2B

Video commerce and B2B - FashionGo

Livestream shopping, also known as liveshopping, has exploded in popularity in recent years. While typically associated with B2C social commerce platforms, one company is pioneering liveshopping for B2B wholesale fashion.

From Rural Stores to YouTube: Retail Marketing Insights from Carla at TIA Ecuador

Carla TIA

Ecuadorian retailer TIA is at the forefront of omni-channel retail marketing, blending physical stores with digital commerce. As Digital Marketing Manager Carla Paladines explains, TIA meets rural communities where they are comfortable shopping, whether in-store or through social commerce initiatives. By localizing its digital approach, TIA provides an excellent model for retail marketing strategies that connect with all demographics.

The Art of Community Building with Allan Perrottet

building community

Learn how to build a thriving brand community online. Podcast host Nicolas Baillache interviews Alan Perrottet of Decommerce for tips on delivering value, owning your platform, empowering superfans, gamifying engagement, and leveraging blockchain. Get actionable insights on community commerce in this blog.

Crafting Stories at Scale – George Huff on AI, Content, Social Commerce and Retail Strategy

george huff

In this episode of the Live Ecommerce Podcast, I spoke with George Huff, CEO and founder of Opal, about the major challenges large brands face in coordinating content across channels and geographies.

George provided fascinating perspectives on how AI could augment human creativity and ideation in the future of marketing. But he cautioned that brands need to carefully consider the ethical implications of AI-generated content.

As an example, Target leverages Opal’s platform to produce an astonishing 300+ pieces of social media content every single day. Keeping content aligned across topics, campaigns, channels, and regions at that scale is incredibly difficult without streamlining workflows.

According to George, Opal acts as the “middle management” layer for complex marketing organizations. The platform connects strategy and execution by providing governance, workflow, and collaboration tools. This enables consistency and rapid iteration crucial for high-velocity content operations…