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simulcasting livestream

High Quality Livestream To Multiple Destinations

How we are able to provide high quality livestream that can stream to multiple destinations. Watching video content is fun! You know what’s not fun? …

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Instagram dm's for shoppable videos

eStreamly Launches Shoppable Video Direct Message(DM) Links for Instagram

This Exciting New Feature Allows Creators and Brands to Drive Sales Through Video Links in Instagram Direct Messages Atlanta, GA – May 13th, 2024 – …

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Neil Twa

Cracking the Social Shopping Code with Neil Twa: Amazon, TikTok & Building to Sell

Neil Twa, Founder of Voltage Digital Marketing, discusses the rise of social commerce on Amazon and beyond. He explores Amazon’s efforts with the Influencer Program and Live Shopping, the power of user-generated content, using AI for efficient content creation at scale, and his framework for evaluating promising Amazon businesses for acquisition to optimize operations and drive growth across multiple sales channels for a lucrative exit.

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tiktok ban and what to do

TikTok ban! What should we do?

The Federal Government have given TikTok an ultimatum, sell or shut down. We now have the TikTok Ban trending.  For many businesses TikTok is an …

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The Power of Hyva for Magento Stores & How it unleashes your Video Commerce Success

The Power of Hyva for Magento Stores & Video Commerce

Hyva is revolutionizing the Magento ecommerce ecosystem by enabling merchants to deliver exceptional video commerce experiences. With its lightweight frontend, Hyva ensures blazing-fast page load times, crucial for seamless video playback and engaging product demos. Discover how brands are leveraging Hyva to handle traffic surges from successful video marketing campaigns without crashing. Explore real-world examples, best practices, and insights into the Magento community’s focus on simplicity and accessibility.

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making the most from social selling

Making the Most of Social selling – Top 5 tips! 

Making the most of social selling is top of the agenda for savvy marketing departments. But how can you achieve this?   1. Own Your Digital …

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Why you should use vertical video in your marketing strategy

Why should you use vertical video for Liveshopping?

Vertical video is the most effective way to engage with your audience, but why? Increased Mobile Usage: Over 50% of all internet traffic comes from …

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Marketing trends from Levitate Foundry

Beyond Digital Marketing Buzzwords

As we navigate the dynamic landscape of digital marketing in 2024, Levitate Foundry, an Award-Winning eCommerce Growth Agency, stands at the forefront, witnessing and shaping transformative trends that are redefining how brands connect with their audience with their clients.

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eStreamly goes international

eStreamly now international!

International development! eStreamly, a leader in livestream shopping and video commerce solutions, announced today its expansion into international markets. Moreover, the company’s social commerce platform …

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Using Whatsapp to engage your audience

Can Whatsapp help in video distribution for live eshopping platforms?

Making the most of Whatsapp for your business and brands – utilizing it’s unique potential for delivering communications.

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Using Facebook Live Shopping to reduce the impact of a Facebook ban

Facebook Live Shopping, Why Bother?

Facebook Live Shopping can be an effective sales and marketing tool for businesses, but it’s important to maintain control over your content and audience. Using a multi-streaming platform allows you to leverage Facebook’s reach while owning your content and relationships.

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understanding social commerce

How Does Social Commerce Work? 

Social commerce refers to the buying and selling of products or services through social media platforms.  Here’s a quick overview of how social commerce works: …

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Paul Drexler ecommerce shopifreaks

TikTok Payments & 4 Ecommerce 2024 Predictions You Need to Know

In this episode of the Live Ecommerce Podcast, host Nicolas interviews Paul Drexler, author of the popular Shopifreaks newsletter, to discuss predictions for ecommerce in 2024. Paul shares his insights from over 20 years of experience in web development, ecommerce, and travel.
One prediction examined is that no new major marketplace will seriously challenge the dominance of Amazon, Walmart, and eBay in the U.S. Paul disagrees, arguing the golden era of those giants is ending…

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Free UGC video alert and Gamification ideas

New UGC Alert and Gamification tools from eStreamly

eStreamly is Debuting Innovative New Products Introducing: UGC Video Alerts and a Gamification product – Trivia Live. eStreamly, a leader in livestream shopping and video …

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Social commerce and tiktok shop

Should You Use TikTok Shop for Social Commerce Growth?

TikTok Shop is one of many forms of social commerce – so should you use it or an alternative for your ecommerce business?

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Bigcommerce social commerce

Elevating Brands: Melissa’s Strategies for social commerce on BigCommerce

As product discovery shifts to social platforms like Instagram and TikTok, social commerce is firmly on the rise, observes Melissa Dixon of BigCommerce. She notes that authentic, streamlined video content resonates better than overly polished productions. By relying on a vast partner network, BigCommerce focuses on core platform performance while empowering merchants to lead innovation in emerging areas like social commerce and live video shopping.

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UGC video Alerts find out what video people are making about you

How to Livestream on Instagram With a 3rd party Software

Learn how to elevate your Instagram live streams with 3rd party software with the Live Producer or other solution —unlock professional features using OBS, Streamlabs, or eStreamly and more for captivating content.

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How Magento Empowers Mid-sized Brands: Ecommerce Solutions

How Magento Empowers Mid-sized Brands: Ecommerce Solutions

Ecommerce solutions streamline online buying and selling. They cover website development, payment processing, and management, creating a shopping experience.

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liveshopping with Stephanie

Livestreaming Best Practices With Stephanie Liu

Live streaming expert Stephanie Garcia shares her top tips for creating engaging video content: craft attention-grabbing hooks, prepare detailed run of show plans, get creative with audio/visual cues, and repurpose each show into multiple pieces of content.

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Video commerce and B2B - FashionGo

How FashionGo is Pioneering Video Commerce for B2B

Livestream shopping, also known as liveshopping, has exploded in popularity in recent years. While typically associated with B2C social commerce platforms, one company is pioneering liveshopping for B2B wholesale fashion.

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Choosing social commerce sites for ecommerce

Which Social Commerce Platforms to Watch in 2024

Social Commerce has exploded in popularity over the past few years. For retailers and brands, it provides a fun and engaging way to showcase products and connect directly with customers. For shoppers, it makes buying more entertaining and interactive.

Several video commerce platforms have emerged as leaders in this exciting new space. Here are some of the top shoppable video platforms to watch in 2024:

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Carla TIA

From Rural Stores to YouTube: Retail Marketing Insights from Carla at TIA Ecuador

Ecuadorian retailer TIA is at the forefront of omni-channel retail marketing, blending physical stores with digital commerce. As Digital Marketing Manager Carla Paladines explains, TIA meets rural communities where they are comfortable shopping, whether in-store or through social commerce initiatives. By localizing its digital approach, TIA provides an excellent model for retail marketing strategies that connect with all demographics.

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building community

The Art of Community Building with Allan Perrottet

Learn how to build a thriving brand community online. Podcast host Nicolas Baillache interviews Alan Perrottet of Decommerce for tips on delivering value, owning your platform, empowering superfans, gamifying engagement, and leveraging blockchain. Get actionable insights on community commerce in this blog.

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Live Stream Shopping questions

The top 4 questions to ask when considering shoppable video solutions

In today’s digital-first era, livestream shopping is quickly gaining traction as a dynamic and interactive e-commerce model. Knowing the Top 4 questions to ask when evaluating livestream shopping solutions is crucial for any brands considering a new software solution.

By merging entertainment with real-time purchasing, liveshopping offers an exciting avenue for businesses to connect directly with consumers. In this blog, we’ll discuss the top three questions you should consider when evaluating a livestream shopping solution.

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Gaining Consumer Trust in an AI-Wary Era:

In a rapidly evolving landscape where AI technology has been met with skepticism by a majority of Americans, how do you face these concerns and maximize the advances in technology

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george huff

Crafting Stories at Scale – George Huff on AI, Content, Social Commerce and Retail Strategy

In this episode of the Live Ecommerce Podcast, I spoke with George Huff, CEO and founder of Opal, about the major challenges large brands face in coordinating content across channels and geographies.

George provided fascinating perspectives on how AI could augment human creativity and ideation in the future of marketing. But he cautioned that brands need to carefully consider the ethical implications of AI-generated content.

As an example, Target leverages Opal’s platform to produce an astonishing 300+ pieces of social media content every single day. Keeping content aligned across topics, campaigns, channels, and regions at that scale is incredibly difficult without streamlining workflows.

According to George, Opal acts as the “middle management” layer for complex marketing organizations. The platform connects strategy and execution by providing governance, workflow, and collaboration tools. This enables consistency and rapid iteration crucial for high-velocity content operations…

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Shoppable video with Pam

Shoppable Video and Live Streaming Apps to Engage B2B Buyers

Learn how B2B brands can use shoppable video and live streaming apps to engage prospects and customers in a digital-first world. Expert Pam Negoro shares insights on differentiating from webinars, experimenting with new approaches, and forging personalized connections via interactive live shopping.

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kara goldin

Building a Brand: Beyond the Bottle, The Untapped Essence of Kara Goldin’s Journey

Kara Goldin, founder of Hint Water, shares her entrepreneurial journey and advice for overcoming doubts and obstacles.

Kara’s story provides valuable insights for entrepreneurs looking to turn their vision into reality. Her advice on persistence, validation, and storytelling can help founders overcome obstacles and connect with consumers.

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From live shopping to VOD - top 10 tips

Top 10 Tips to Enhance the Shoppable Video Experience

Kickstart your live shopping with confidence and professionalism using these expert tips. From engaging visuals and background music to interacting with early viewers and ensuring technical readiness, learn how to create a positive and seamless viewing experience from the start. Consistency is key; with practice, your livestream introductions will only get better

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video commerce and AI

Navigating AI and Human Contributions in Video Commerce Content Creation

In this podcast, host Nicolas interviews Emily O’Connor Keefe of on how AI is impacting ecommerce content. Key insights: Trust and accuracy top concerns with AI-generated product info that could cause returns. AI tools lack original thought and human connection compared to writers. Long-form buying guides need expertise. Emily emphasizes the premium on authentic writing to build customer trust. Finding the right balance of AI efficiency and human insight remains vital in ecommerce content.

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overcome fear of live

3 Ways to Overcome Your Fear of Video Commerce

Facing the lens can feel like staring into the abyss for many. But here’s the twist – the abyss stares back with opportunity. Whether you’re tentatively speaking your day’s plans into a video journal or boldly diving into the real-time realm of live streaming, there’s a powerful transformation waiting for you on the other side of that fear. With every push of the ‘record’ button, we’re not just capturing moments, but also harnessing confidence. Dive into these three methods, and watch as the camera, once a foe, becomes your trusted ally.

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liveshopping show

Social Commerce Playbook Guide: Master Your Game To Success

Unlock the secrets of effective liveshopping with our all-inclusive playbook guide. From creating the ideal environment to real-time engagement strategies, discover how to captivate your audience and amplify sales. Step into the future of interactive marketing today!” 📹🌟

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AI image

Ecommerce Inspirational Videos: Driving Social Commerce Engagement: Video’s Superpowers

How integrating shoppable short-form videos and UGC into your e-commerce strategy enhances customer engagement, builds trust, and boosts SEO.

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TLEP 82 | Video Content

Decoding Ecommerce Video Content: A Roundtable Reflection With Industry Expert – Season Finale

Decoding video content for Live Stream Selling with Industry experts Carmen Muley, Michael Yang, Patti Reilly and Matt Hodlofski.   In this riveting season finale, …

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TLEP 81 | Direct Response TV

Direct Response TV And Beyond: Navigating The Social Commerce Landscape

  Welcome to the Live Ecommerce Podcast, where we delve into the world of video commerce, bringing you insights and discussions from experts in the …

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TLEP 80 | Partnership Marketing

From Niche To Notable: How Partnership Marketing Can Supersize Your Social Commerce Reach

In this captivating episode of the Live eCommerce Podcast, we are joined by a leading authority in partnership marketing, Sven Radavics, co-founder of Sven …

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Navigating multi channel options

Navigating Multi-Channel Options for Video Commerce

Shopping has evolved with endless purchasing options from websites to virtual experiences. But how do brands offer the best experience? Read on for tips.

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TLEP 79 | User Experience

From Instagram To Deets: Creating A Seamless Video Commerce Experience With Doug Weiss

Welcome to this episode of our podcast, where we sit down with industry leader Doug Weiss to discuss his extensive experience in both commerce and …

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cellphone livestream recording

Different Types of Videos – Should It Be All Shoppable?

Videos are one of the most engaging forms of content. While it’s tempting to add shoppable elements to videos, sometimes it can turn away your audience.

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TLEP 78 | Livestreaming

Live Solving Vs. Live Selling: A Unique Approach To Social Commerce With Jim Fuhs

Try eStreamly at No Cost – Get Your FREE Trial Here   In this episode of the live eCommerce podcast, retired Marine turned live shopping …

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TLEP 77 | Creator Economy

The Future Of The Creator Economy With Joe Gagliese

  In this episode, we speak with Joe Gagliese, co-founder of Viral Nation, an influencer marketing agency that has worked with some of the world’s …

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rocket made through AI image generation

Skyrocket the Results of Your Video Commerce Event with Comarketing

How can you skyrocket the results of your live shopping channel by establishing co marketing partnerships and collaborating with non-competing brands?

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TLEP 76 | Improving Margins

Improving Margins, Profits, And Marketing Results for Social Commerce With Chloe Thomas

If you’re an e-commerce business owner, you know that data is crucial for understanding your customers and making strategic decisions. But what about creativity?  Special …

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picture showing a chef being video recorded

Why it’s important to Keep Humans Involved in Content Creation for Your Next Video Commerce

Videos are an essential part of any effective content strategy. Amid all the technology and data-driven approaches, let’s not forget about keeping the human element involved.

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TLEP 75 | Repurposing Live Video Content

Content Remixing: How To Get More Results From Repurposing Social Commerce Content With Brittany Berger

Special guest Brittany Berger is a content marketing consultant and the creator of the Content Remix Method. She is bringing her knowledge to the eStreamly Social Commerce Community. She helps and teaches small businesses how to use content repurposing to get off the constant content treadmill and avoid content burnout. Brittany discusses the advantages of reusing live shopping event videos for social media and marketing. We address the appropriate length for a live stream and the value of having a content strategy that focuses on results.

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TLEP 74 | Strategic Partnerships

Aligning Goals And KPIs: Maximizing The Benefits Of Strategic Partnerships In Social Commerce With Ashley Scorpio

Special guest Ashley Scorpio is a seasoned digital strategist with a proven track record of driving significant growth for agencies, startups, and brands. With over a decade of experience in traditional and digital marketing, she is a performance marketing expert with a technical specialty in social media advertising, focusing on new customer acquisition. We brought her to eStreamly’s Social commerce community to share her knowledge and deep experience. Throughout her career, she has managed millions of dollars in digital ad spending that helped launch and scale household digitally native eCommerce brands and publicly traded SaaS companies. This episode begins with an overview of Nicolas’ and Ashley’s experience and key takeaways from ShopTalk Vegas 2023.

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TLEP 73 | Content Marketing

Content That Sells: How To Convert A Social Media Audience Into Customers With Emma Tessler

Emma discusses content marketing and building strong connections with your audience. She explains the different definitions of live shopping, from in-app shopping to shopping from a social media post, and emphasizes the importance of converting viewers into paying customers. She also outlines the Ninety Five Media method, which involves setting goals, creating a strategy, executing that strategy, and analyzing data. She stresses the importance of data in marketing and explains why it is crucial to look at data on a weekly basis.

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TLEP 72 | Live Streaming

Scaling Social Commerce: Insights From Livestream Consultant Nicole Rechtszaid

Does it feel like you’ve been spinning your wheels, trying to create engaging, entertaining, and impactful live video content, with little to no success? Are …

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switcher studio or commentsold

CommentSold vs Switcher Studio Comparison – What platform should you use?

While Switcher Studio focuses on live video production and as a plugin for Shopify, CommentSold is a full e-commerce platform specialized in live selling.

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TLEP 71 | Live Shopping

Advertising Strategies For Live Shopping: Making Ads Work For You With Ethan Kramer

  Special guest Ethan Kramer is the CEO and Founder of EK Creative. In two years, he’s grown from a handful of clients to generating …

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TLEP 70 | Customer Satisfaction

The Power Of Personalization: Keys To Customer Satisfaction With Eric Melchor

Special guest Eric Melchor is Personalization Geek for OptiMonk. He has gone from 0-40,000 users in just a few years and have over 500 five-star …

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TLEP 69 | Financial Planning

Proactive Financial Planning: Addressing eCommerce Economic Challenges With Carla Titus

“People want to do business with people, and live shopping is just that.” Special guest Carla Titus is a finance expert with over 15 years …

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Short form video or livestream

VideoCommerce Strategy: Should I do Shoppable Video or Livestream?

With the rise of shoppable video and livestreams, you may ask yourself What’s In It For Me (WITFM) and what should I implement in my video commerce strategy.

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logo of the live ecommerce podcast

How to Leave a Review

To rate our podcast “5-stars” on Apple Podcasts or Podchaser please scroll to the corresponding instructions below. All other platforms do not have ratings or …

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image showcasing strategy ideas

Best Avenues for Promoting a Liveshopping Show

Live shopping has become increasingly popular. But deciding to host a show is just the beginning. The real magic happens when you promote it effectively.

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TLEP 68 | Going Live

Get Out Of Your Way And Go Live With Drasko Raicevic

  Special guest Drasko Raicevic runs, a coaching program and a podcast of the same name. His specialty is healing the human behind the …

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TLEP 67 | Content Marketing

Content Marketing Vs Ads: Traffic Tactics For Live Shopping With Brenton Thomas

“If you need to see instant results, jump into ads.” Which is most effective for your business: organic traffic with SEO or social media ads? …

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TLEP 66 | Personalized Video Content

Transforming The eCommerce Experience With Personalized Video Content With Wyatt Harms

Special guest Wyatt Harms is a leading industry expert in Live Shopping. He led BuzzFeed’s go-to-market strategy for Live Shopping working with the United States’ …

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Firework or bambuser: what solution should you choose

Bambuser vs Firework – What video commerce platform should you use?

Bambuser and Firework are two different video-sharing platforms with different features and target audiences. Which one would be best for you?

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TLEP 65 | Content Creation

The One Platform Strategy: Why Focus Is Key To Content Success With Joe Pulizzi

Special guest Joe Pulizzi is the founder of multiple startups, including content creator education site, The Tilt, the content entrepreneur event Creator Economy Expo (CEX). …

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TLEP 64 | Face Of Your Brand

The Power Of Becoming The Face Of Your Brand With Taylor Capuano

  “You get people to trust you when you share vulnerably. Anytime you can let your personality come through, people will want to root for …

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why a blueprint is important in your liveshopping

Why a Blueprint is Essential for a Successful Liveshopping Show

Blueprint is key to success. It outlines elements of production, from script to product highlights …. Your shoppable livestream show will run smoothly.

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TLEP 63 | Authenticity

Leveraging Authenticity For Successful Livestreams With Sarah Williams

  “Being live is a high-pressure situation so you have to be prepared and ready for it.” Special guest Sarah Williams is a seasoned on-air …

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TLEP 62 | Using AI For Lives

Using AI For Live Video Commerce Success With Whitney Lauritsen

  Whitney investigates the various AI tools available for live commerce. The episode starts with an overview of the tools she’s been researching and using, …

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TLEP 61 | Search Engine Optimization

How To Get On Page 1 Of Google With Mariah Magazine

  “SEO is for everybody and every stage of the game.” When is the right time to focus on eCommerce SEO? Is it for everyone …

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TLEP 60 | Handling Social Media Trolls

Handling Live Stream Hate Comments And Social Media Trolls With Hilary Billings

  “You’re showing up in your content to add value to other people.” Special guest Hilary Billings is a popular viral video creator and strategist …

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TLEP 59 | Live Shopping eCommerce

The Future Of Live Shopping eCommerce In 2023 And The Impact Of AI

  In this episode, Whitney and Nicholas discuss the future of live eCommerce shopping in 2023. Plus, we also share our experience and thoughts about …

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TLEP 58 | Video Hook

Mastering The Art Of The Video Hook With Jake Drake

Jake Drake is a multimedia producer based in San Diego, California. He has been directing and producing livestreams for over 10 years. Jake works with …

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best time to host a livestream

When is the Best Time to Host a Livestream Shopping Show?

The success of liveshopping shows depend on factors such as engagement, stream quality, host performance and time of your show. Let’s dive into show time.

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TLEP 57 | Social Media

Standing Out On Social Media Organically With Michelle Thames

Michelle Thames is an award-winning blogger turned Online Business & Marketing Strategist who has helped catapult companies like multi-million-dollar beauty brand MIELLE Organics, from a …

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Ai robot

Livecommerce conversation with ChatGPT

With ChatGPT, you can engage in conversations with an AI on a wide range of topics. So, we tried it out and had 3 questions about livecommerce.

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TLEP 35 | Niche Online Business

Marketing A Niche Online Business With Aida Rejzovic

Aida Rejzovic founded Sassy Organics in 2016 to make shopping vegan and organic effortless, to empower others to embrace an eco-friendly lifestyle, and provide a …

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TLEP 56 | eCommerce Solution

What’s The Best eCommerce Solution For Your Business? With Brent Peterson

  Brent Peterson is a serial entrepreneur and marketing professional with a passion for running. He co-founded Wagento and has a new adventure called ContentBasis. …

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Solution to “help us confirm that you own this account” with Instagram login

Some users may face issue with IG login. Instagram says “Help Us Confirm You Own This Account”. There are few reasons it may happen but no worries, It’s an easy fix.

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TLEP 55 | Live Shopping

Is Now The Right Time To Make Live Shopping Videos?

  Nicolas and Whitney discuss why now is the right time to start live shopping as a brand/creator. Live events can amplify your visibility, dominate …

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women over purple/blue background

Should Creators Host Liveshopping Events?

Liveshopping is an exciting trend in retail and e-commerce, with the value of the livestream shopping market being estimated at $500billions – a growing figure.

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TLEP 54 | Home Shopping

The Evolution of the Home Shopping World with Matt Hodlofski

“QVC and HSN are the original influencers” Special guest Matt Hodlofski has over 25 years of eCommerce experience within product marketing and sales. He’s worked …

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TLEP 53 | Livestreaming And Podcasting

The Value of Livestreaming and Podcasting with Russ Johns

  “Make sure you’re seen as someone who cares” Our special guest Russ Johns is a content creator and technology enthusiast. He is certified in …

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TLEP 52 | eCommerce Drop Shipping

Disrupting eCommerce Drop Shipping With Greg Writer

  Special guest Greg Writer has over 35 years of experience in corporate finance, capital formation, executive-level management, mergers & acquisitions, software development, licensing & …

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contract being signed

3 Things You Should Include in Your Influencer Brand Contract

Whether you’re just getting started with influencer partnership or are a seasoned pro, it’s important to have a strong contract in place

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TLEP 51 | Protecting Your Content

Legally Protecting Live Content With Eric Farber

  Special guest Eric Farber is Founder and CEO of, a former entertainment lawyer for over 20 years, and author of The Case for …

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marketplace or website - where to host your livestream shopping

Should You Host Your Liveshopping On Your Website or a Marketplace

One decision that online retailers have to make is whether to host their liveshopping on their website, or a marketplace. Here is a summary of the benefits

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TLEP 50 | Women In Tech

Women In Tech With Smitha Kommareddi And Whitney Lauritsen

eStreamly is passionate about diversity, equity, and inclusion in technology, which includes leveling the playing field for all genders. That’s why today’s special 50th episode …

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TLEP 49 | Serving Your Audience

Build A Valuable Brand With Cristina Cortes

  “What really gets a buyer interested is understanding how a product helps them get where they need to go… Always remember that there’s a …

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thumb on cellphone

Is Liveshopping the Future of eCommerce?

It’s no secret that online shopping is on the rise but is liveshopping here to stay? If so, how does it work and what makes for a good livestream channel

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TLEP 48 | Content First Approach

The Content-First Approach With John Roman

“When you have content that performs well, do it again.” Special guest John Roman led several successful sales organizations in the telecommunications and software space …

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TLEP 47 | Copywriting

Clear, Concise, And Correct Copy With Aimée Lopez

  Is it true that nobody reads business copywriting? We don’t think so, which is why we’re exploring the power of words and their impact …

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TLEP 46 |Conscious Cocreation

The Power Of Conscious Co-Creation With Marci Zaroff

  “Through the lens of design, we can change the world.” Special guest Marci Zaroff is an ECOLIFESTYLE PIONEER. As the Founder and CEO of …

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Men managing a meeting

Top 5 Mistakes a Marketing Agency Producing Liveshopping Makes

Liveshopping can inspire a generation of customers and make sales soar. While these goals can be achieved by a great campaign, a few mistakes agencies should avoid.

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TLEP 45 | Viral Nation

Where Magic And Metrics Meet With Damian Skoczylas

  Let’s dive in numbers with livestreaming metrics. Special guest Damian Skoczylas joins to discuss the next frontier of the attention economy. He is an …

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TLEP 44 | Live Shopping Success

3 Steps For Live Shopping Success With Carmen Muley

  Special guest Carmen Muley is a livestreaming pioneer. She is CEO at FREIM Studio, which is everything livestreaming and live shopping. From strategy to …

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4 tips for livestream shopping

Top 4 Tips to Make Your Livestream Shopping Channel a Success

Considering a Liveshopping channel into your online sales strategy? Here are the top 4 tips to make your livestream shopping channel a success

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TLEP 43 | Be A Good Livestreamer

How To Be A Good Livestreamer With Dr. ELO

    Dr. Efrain Lopez (aka Dr. ELO) is a Doctor of Management, livestreaming strategist, researcher, and consultant for Be.Live. He live streams on Tuesdays …

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TLEP 42 | Selling On Social Media

Ways To Promote And Sell Well On Social Media

Whitney and Nicolas discuss a popular article from eCommerce Nation and share their advice on maximizing TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and new apps like …

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TLEP 41 | eCommerce Early Adopter

Becoming An eCommerce Early Adopter With Joshua Kreitzer

    “Be where today’s shopper is and tomorrow’s shopper is going to be.”   Special guest Joshua Kreitzer is Founder and CEO of Channel …

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professional camera man making a shoot

What’s the Production Cost of Highly Produced Liveshopping on Your Website

Rather you plan for a big one liveshopping event or want to launch a livestream shopping channel, you need to consider a variety of production cost

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women checking her phone

What is Shoppable Video and How Does It Work?

Creating shoppable videos is becoming a core component of modern marketing strategy

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TLEP 40 | Conversion

Skyrocket Conversions With Brand Scaling Frameworks From Chase Clymer

“eCommerce is math and metrics don’t exist in a bubble” Chase Clymer is the Co-founder at Electric Eye where he and his team create Shopify-powered …

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TLEP 39 | Customer Experience

Creating The Best Customer Experience With Irina Poddubnaia

  Let’s talk about fulfillment for a change. Why? Because you can have the greatest show on the planet, but if your customer has to …

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What is LiveShopping and video commerce? 

Liveshopping gives consumers the opportunity to purchase as they watch video streams.

With social commerce, retailers can broadcast live video streams and engage with consumers in real time.

eStreamly’s video commerce solution enables brands to host liveshopping events across multiple channels. From shoppable live shows on social media to hosting video commerce events. Live shopping is the future of retail. Livestreaming shopping apps, shoppable videos, these are the tools successful retail brands will need. eStreamly’s white label solution gives brands shoppable videos. As live streaming shopping gains momentum, eStreamly is empowering retailers to leverage these Live streaming shopping apps and shoppable videos to drive higher conversion rates. Connect with today’s mobile first consumers.