eStreamly Launches Shoppable Video Direct Message(DM) Links for Instagram

Instagram dm's for shoppable videos

This Exciting New Feature Allows Creators and Brands to Drive Sales Through Video Links in Instagram Direct Messages Atlanta, GA – May 13th, 2024 – eStreamly, a leading platform for creators and brands.  Growing their audience and driving sales through live shopping and shoppable videos. eStreamly today announced the launch of a new Shoppable Video […]

TikTok ban! What should we do?

tiktok ban and what to do

The Federal Government have given TikTok an ultimatum, sell or shut down. We now have the TikTok Ban trending.  For many businesses TikTok is an important part of their ecosystem and a place where they keep much of their content –  So what now?  Firstly – we want to give all those marketers who have […]

Making the Most of Social selling – Top 5 tips! 

making the most from social selling

Making the most of social selling is top of the agenda for savvy marketing departments. But how can you achieve this?   1. Own Your Digital Real Estate:  As social media continues to evolve, it’s imperative to recognize the shifting preferences of users away from traditional platforms like Facebook and Instagram. Instead, they’re gravitating towards more […]

Why should you use vertical video for Liveshopping?

Why you should use vertical video in your marketing strategy

Vertical video is the most effective way to engage with your audience, but why? Increased Mobile Usage: Over 50% of all internet traffic comes from mobile devices. Today, nearly 57% of all worldwide video plays come from mobile devices, and consequently, most users hold their phones vertically roughly 94% of the time. The Focus Point: […]

Beyond Digital Marketing Buzzwords

Marketing trends from Levitate Foundry

As we navigate the dynamic landscape of digital marketing in 2024, Levitate Foundry, an Award-Winning eCommerce Growth Agency, stands at the forefront, witnessing and shaping transformative trends that are redefining how brands connect with their audience with their clients.

eStreamly now international!

eStreamly goes international

International development! eStreamly, a leader in livestream shopping and video commerce solutions, announced today its expansion into international markets. Moreover, the company’s social commerce platform is now empowering businesses around the world to sell live and create shoppable videos to connect with customers across the borders.  “We’ve seen skyrocketing demand from retailers looking to strengthen […]

Facebook Live Shopping, Why Bother?

Using Facebook Live Shopping to reduce the impact of a Facebook ban

Facebook Live Shopping can be an effective sales and marketing tool for businesses, but it’s important to maintain control over your content and audience. Using a multi-streaming platform allows you to leverage Facebook’s reach while owning your content and relationships.

How Does Social Commerce Work? 

understanding social commerce

Social commerce refers to the buying and selling of products or services through social media platforms.  Here’s a quick overview of how social commerce works: – Social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest introduce shopping features that allow businesses to showcase and sell products directly on their profiles. eStreamly and other providers allow businesses […]

New UGC Alert and Gamification tools from eStreamly

Free UGC video alert and Gamification ideas

eStreamly is Debuting Innovative New Products Introducing: UGC Video Alerts and a Gamification product – Trivia Live. eStreamly, a leader in livestream shopping and video commerce solutions, announced today at 14th January, 2024 the launch of two new products designed to help retailers connect with and engage consumers in the crowded digital marketplace. UGC Alerts […]