5 Ways to Grow Your Livestream Audience

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If you are just starting out with live video streaming you may be wondering about driving traffic to your event, especially if you’re trying to sell products. There are many different avenues to take if you want to gain an audience. We have a few tips to help you get started.

1. Promote Your Stream

As an online influencer or brand, you may have an established audience on certain social media platforms, a website, or a newsletter. Pay attention to where your audience is coming from and promote your stream on those sites. Start sharing your stream a few days beforehand to increase visibility and give people a chance to add it to their calendars.

Be sure to interact with your audience on social media. Like and respond to comments, and ask your audience questions to increase engagement. This can help them feel valued and increase traffic to your stream. You can also email newsletter subscribers with a catchy title and all the information they need to join the stream as soon as it’s live.

2. Write Compelling Titles and Thumbnails

Craft an intriguing video stream title. An audience won’t be drawn to vague phrases of what your live shopping event will entail. Pay attention to what is trending within your niche. Phrase your title as an exciting statement or interesting question that relates to your stream.

Then, craft an eye-catching thumbnail. This image should be something that your audience can recognize as a part of your brand. It should also entice them to click and watch it.

3. Make use of Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) keywords can help your stream get noticed by more potential viewers. This will also help your stream rank higher in search results. Use words and phrases that relate to your brand and topics in your description and title.

Make sure that the keywords blend into your description and title naturally, rather than using too many for it to make sense. Potential viewers could see this as disingenuous, whereas a natural use of keywords can increase your traffic.

4. Entice Your Audience

Entice your audience to join your stream with real-time promotions and special offers. When you promote your shopping event on social media, tell your audience that you will be offering a limited-time deal during your stream. Give a discount on your products to make your audience feel appreciated and take action.

5. Join eStreamly

eStreamly is the perfect streaming service for you to promote your brand and products. On our platform, your livestream will be simultaneously streamed on popular social media sites (including Facebook and YouTube). We can keep your viewers engaged, increase your conversation to 18%, and make it easy to offer limited-time promotions that entice your audience. Visit estreamly.com to create your store as an influencer or host today!

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